UNSW Australia Business School lecturer and J. W. Neville Fellow in Economics, Tim Harcourt has been included among “Australia’s Top Thinkers” by The Conversation in its 2016 yearbook.

The Conversation is an online independent source of news and views, sourced from the academic and research community which available for the public to read.

“It’s quite an honour. I think the Conversation is very innovative, in that it pulls together the worlds of academia and journalism together nicely. When I was at Austrade I would go on Kerry Anne Kennerley’s Day time TV show on Channel Nine to talk about the importance of exporting and then do the BBC and speak at the Reserve Bank and The Lowy Institute often on the very same day” said Harcourt.

“I follow this philosophy at UNSW Australia Business School. It’s important to speak to a wider audience on all sorts of economic issues, no matter how complex you may think they are. After all the great British Economist John Maynard Keynes may have advised Government’s on the Great Depression and Bretton Woods, but he still wrote a popular economics column in the London Evening Standard.”

Tim Harcourt’s opinion editorial article entitled: Three reasons free trade has become a political football, was read 2,997.

UNSW currently ranks second among Australian universities on The Conversation website, in total number of articles published in 2016 (437), and the total number of reader comments (15,967), according to the site's data.

It ranks third in reads (9.6 million) across The Conversation and third-party news websites that republish its content, including IFLScience!, ABC Online, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian and CNN. The majority of readers are from Australia (34%) and the United States (32%).

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