The winners of the 2017 Paramor Prize: Art + Innovation at the Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre in Sydney will be announced this weekend. 

Originally launched in 2015 in memory of Wendy Paramor, one of Australia’s most loved and celebrated contemporary female artists, the prize aims to honour innovative and forward-thinking artistic practices in the way that Paramor herself exemplified the artistic creativity and ingenuity of the Liverpool region.

The finalists for the 2017 Prize are Yvette Hamilton (UNSW Art & Design), Caroline Rothwell, Britt Salt, Kailum Graves, Mehwish Iqbal, James Nguyen (UNSW Art & Design), Provoked, Nuha Saad (UNSW Art & Design), Valerie Restarick, Laura Delaney, Susannah Williams and Warren Armstrong, Matthew James, Tina Barahanos (UNSW Art & Design), Fiona Kerr Gedson, Owen Leong (UNSW Art & Design), Emma Fielden, Lee Bethel, Helen Amanatiadis (UNSW Art & Design), Len Hurley, Sardar Sinjawi, Megan McPherson, Rebecca Brady and Pamela Rodoreda, Julian Talarica, Katy Plummer (UNSW Art & Design), Patrick Cremin (UNSW Art & Design), Atanas Djonov (UNSW Art & Design), Marian Abboud, Ben Denham, Angela Tiatia, and Amala Groom (UNSW Art & Design).

The Paramor Prize is an acquisitive prize of $20,000. Winners will be selected by a panel of guest judges including: George Khut (UNSW Art & Design Lecturer), 2015 Paramor Prize Winner, Erica Seccombe and Wendy Paramor's son, Luke Paramor.

A $5000 Mayoral Award will be issued to the artwork that best conveys the guiding principles of Liverpool City Council to be at the forefront of opportunity, prosperity and diversity.
A $1000 People’s Choice Award will be issued to the artwork voted most popular among audiences.