An article by Associate Professor Mark Holzer and colleagues has been published in international scientific journal, Nature.

In the article, "Recent increase in oceanic carbon uptake driven by weaker upper-ocean overturning", A/Prof Holzer and colleagues, Tim DeVries and Francois Primeau (both of the University of California), present new research revealing why the ocean has absorbed more carbon over the past decade, reversing a trend of stagnant or declining carbon uptake during the 1990s.

The authors contend that weaker ocean circulation trends in recent years have led to a decrease in the volume of Mark HolzerC02-rich deep waters rising to the surface, which has limited how much C02 from the deep ocean can escape to the atmosphere. This has caused the ocean to absorb and store more C02 from the atmosphere, having implications for climate change.

Nature, which publishes weekly, is the world's most highly cited interdisciplinary science journal. 

(A/Prof Mark Holzer pictured above right)