One of Sydney’s most celebrated and award-winning architectural firms, Durbach Block Jaggers, will soon have an extensive survey of their achievements made available for critical and public appreciation and enjoyment through the publication of a major double album, 3+2: Durbach Block Jaggers.  

This two-part series is published by Melbourne-based URO Publications, a company dedicated to design and architecture with a particular focus on Australian titles, and printed through a traditional master offset printer in Japan.

Contained within a custom-made sleeve, 3+2 features two bodies of photography looking at the work of Durbach Block Jaggers.  UNSW Art & Design lecturer, Julia Charles, together with Andrew Cowan, are the photographers for the books, each responsible for an entire single volume of the double-set.  Not known for adhering to the typical conventions of photographing architectural environments, the photographers bring a distinct and luminescent approach to process of photographing the spaces in which we live and work. 

Charles and Cowan worked closely with the architects, the graphic designer, Mark Gowing, and the book’s editor, Andrew Mackenzie, to refine a portrait of images over a period of several years. Together they have ensured that visual voice of the book is distinct from the architectural mainstream.