Associate Professor Moninya Roughan and our former PhD student and PostDoc Amandine Schaeffer have had their research featured in the Sydney Morning Herald.

The SMH article, 'Maximum damage': What's going wrong in our deep blue and warming sea, references A/Prof Roughan and Dr Shaeffer's recent paper, Sub-surface intensification of marine heatwaves off southeastern Australia: the role of stratification and local winds, published in Geophysical Research Letters earlier this month.

The paper found that marine heatwaves are increasing in frequency, with record events occurring around the world, causing unprecedented biological impacts including mass mortality and habitat shifts.

As part of their study, Professor Roughan and Dr Schaeffer used data from two offshore moorings to create one of the first long-term assessments of temperatures from the surface to the seabed as deep as 100 metres.

(Pictured: A/Prof Roughan)