Today the CCRC hosted in the seminar room another GERL session on 'work and kids'. This was an informal discussion (with tasty treats!) for anyone who has kids, is about to have kids, is thinking of having kids or feels like a kid themselves!

Some of the issues discussed were;

  • I'm thinking about having kids--what do I need to keep in mind as I weigh my options?
  • How do I find out about my parental/carer's leave rights?
  • Considering adoption, have adopted or stuck in a long and challenging adoption process. 
  • Is the second child twice as much or half the work? 
  • Teenage kids--yikes! 
  • Childcare and other caring options  (incl. childcare costs how much!!??)
  • Flexible work arrangements--useful or unsustainable? 
  • Grants/funds for carers returning to work
  • Before and After school care and other options
  • Superannuation - how much to contribute as financial commitments increase with parenting?  
  • Matheletics in kindy? and what are 'Magic100' words ?!

Stay tuned for more GERL sessions! And thanks to our organisers Dr. Angela Maharaj, A/Prof Lisa Alexander, Dr. Melissa Hart and A/Prof Katrin Meissner.