Dr Le Gia
Dr Quoc Thong Le Gia has edited a two-volume set of books on novel methods in harmonic analysis.

Frames and Other Bases in Abstract and Function Spaces: Novel Methods in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 1 was published this month via Birkhäuser press. The follow up edition, Recent Applications of Harmonic Analysis to Function Spaces, Differential Equations, and Data Science: Novel Methods in Harmonic Analysis, Volume 2, is to be released next month.

The books draw on a number of original research and survey papers from well-known specialists, detailing the latest innovations and recently discovered links between various fields. Along with many deep theoretical results, the two volumes contain numerous applications to problems in signal processing, medical imaging, geodesy, statistics, and data science. 

Volume 1 is organised around the theme of frames and other bases in abstract and function spaces, while Volume 2 is organised around the theme of recent applications of harmonic analysis to function spaces, differential equations, and data science.
We congratulate Dr Le Gia for his involvement in these exciting new contributions to the field of harmonic analysis!