Congratulations to the four newest Social Policy Research Centre PhD graduates: Jan Idle, Yuvisthi Naidoo, BJ Newton and Alec Sewell.

The four SPRC alumni all graduated in the one ceremony on Friday 23 June -- the most students we’ve ever had graduate in the one ceremony.

Read on below for summaries of each alumnus’ thesis.

Jan Idle

Jan’s thesis focuses on how to conduct research with children that listens and attends to the complexity of their ideas about community and how these might be understood.

Yuvisthi Naidoo

Yuvisthi’s thesis explores the living standards and wellbeing of older Australians. The standard of living of older people is a critical policy matter for most OECD countries facing an ageing population. The purpose of this thesis is to explore and assess the living standards of older Australians using different conceptual approaches to the standard of living and wellbeing.

Read Yuvisthi's thesis

BJ Newton

BJ's thesis is about 'Understanding child neglect from an Aboriginal worldview: Perceptions of Aboriginal parents and human services workers in a rural NSW community'.

Very little is known about how Aboriginal parents experiencing vulnerabilities and communities perceive child neglect, despite Aboriginal families being disproportionately likely to encounter child protection services compared to other groups in society. Through this research I aim to develop an Aboriginal understanding of child neglect by exploring perceptions of child neglect, the factors influencing these perceptions, and the challenges Aboriginal families experience in caring for children.

Read BJ's thesis

Alec Sewell

lec's thesis topic is: A qualitive study of integration in human services to meet complex needs.