As part of the Art Gallery of New South Wales' ongoing UBS Contemporary Art Series, a new self-titled exhibition is set to open in August highlighting celebrated Sydney-based artist and UNSW Art & Design graduate Mikala Dwyer's critically celebrated practice. 

Over her 30 year career Mikala Dwyer has consistently explored the possibilities for sculpture and installation and notions of audience perception and engagement. Her often playful, visually rich, and excessive sculptures are made from whatever materials ‘speak’ to her – from fabric and sheet metal to nail varnish and clay. The results are as magical as they are confounding, suggesting sites for supernatural events and memorials to previous art movements.

Audiences are lured into Dwyer’s colourful and dynamic spaces, but things are never as they seem.  In this exhibition, concave, complex, and convex polygons are presented, generating optical illusions and playgrounds for the imagination.  Cubby houses, tent-like shelters, and super-sized satin gems are all on offer.

The exhibition, Mikala Dwyer, runs from 26 Aug 2017 – 4 Feb 2018 and includes major new sculptural works and an experimental creative lab.