Last Friday, the School hosted two separate high school outreach events.

In the morning, two of our Data Science and Decisions Ambassadors, Binyu and Vienna, ran two sessions called "A.I. Experiments" for around 60 high school girls. In the hands-on sessions, the students experimented with a Google A.I. application, while learning about the data science underpinnings of A.I.

The sessions were very engaging, and were very well received by the attending high school students. This was part of STEM Careers Week for Girls, which is a UNSW 50:50 initiative.

The second event held was for a group of students from the National Youth Science Forum (NYSF). Dr Ana Zumalacarregui ran an interactive session called "Optimization and Bubbles". She introduced the concept of optimization by simply using bubbles and soap films. The activity enables participants to gain some intuition on the Isoperimetric problem, optimization of paths or minimal surfaces, among some other questions.

A big thank you to Binyu, Vienna and Ana for their engaging outreach sessions!