Edited by postdoctoral fellow at UNSW Art & Design graduate, Prudence Gibson, together with Baylee Brits, a researcher at UNSW, Covert Plants: Vegetal Consciousness and Agency in an Anthropocentric World offers readers newly emerging understandings on the implications of plant life for the arts and culture. 

With contributions by 18 different specialist researchers, Covert Plants broadens our perception of ‘nature’ and to the changing roles of botany, evolutionary ecology, and environmental aesthetics in the humanities.

According to Gibson and Brits, “Covert Plants probes the implications of vegetal life for thought and how new plant science is changing our perception of the vegetal — around us and in us. How can we think, speak, and write about plant life without falling into human-nature dyads, or without tumbling into reductive theoretical notions about the always complex relations between cognition and action, identity and value, subject and object?”

Edited by Prudence GibsonBaylee Brits 

Contributors include: Suzanne Anker, Andrew Belletty (current UNSW Art & Design PhD student), Tamryn Bennett, Baylee Brits, Justin Clemens, Paul Dawson, Lisa Dowdall, Luke Fischer, Monica Gagliano, Prudence Gibson, Jennifer Mae Hamilton, Lucas Ihlein, Tessa Laird, Michael Marder, Stephen Muecke, Dalia Nassar, Susie Pratt, and Ben Woodard.


Published by Brainstorm Books.