More tech entrepreneurs graduate at UNSW Business School than any other Australian university. Although asking 'why?' leads to knowledge – we believe asking 'why not?' creates innovation and progress. Through student opportunities and societies, business students demonstrate their entrepreneurial flair not only in the classroom, but across Australia and the world.

Social Impact Hub: A courageous community of change makers

In collaboration with the Social Impact Hub, students from UNSW Business School work with social enterprise on real-world projects. This is part of the for-credit Social Entrepreneurship Practicum in Sydney (COMM3030). Offered as an intensive practicum in the summer and winter term, undergraduate students work on a variety of projects and form a courageous community of change makers. Mary Ye, Bachelor of Commerce student, said:

"I've always been interested in social change and solving complex business problems, but had always thought they were mutually exclusive activities. However, the Social Impact Hub taught me that business was in fact one of the most powerful tools to make sustainable and long-lasting impact. I loved how we applied theory straight into reality, where the practical consulting component challenged me and strengthened my communication ability and adaptability."

Enactus: Business students extend their expertise

Outside studies, students volunteer their time and resources to help inspire change. Enactus UNSW, is one of the largest student organisations at UNSW, with over 100 active members, spanning most faculties and disciplines. We met the team to find out how Business students share innovation and expertise outside their studies, and what opportunities are on the horizon.

Jimmy Ngo, Vice-President of Enactus and Commerce/Law student, said:

"Our student members from the Business School, apply the knowledge they learn in the classroom whether it be in finance, marketing, or other specialisations – to ensure that the social enterprises we work with follow sound business practices. In doing so, students demonstrate the quality of their business skills and their willingness to use their learnings to make an impact in the world. I hope to encourage more students to explore the limitless possibilities of social entrepreneurship."

Nathan Wang-Ly, President of Enactus and Psychology student, added:

"Despite university and work commitments, students across UNSW dedicate their time to improving the lives of asylum seekers, disadvantaged youth, and even a community in Timor Leste. Their perseverance and selflessness serve as reminders to how there is no better time make impact, than now."

"Going forward, we want to engage more business school students who have a passion for social entrepreneurship. Our annual hackathon, Pitchfest, invites all students to learn the ins and outs of building a social enterprise from the ground up. We also offer our Social Innovation Program (SIP), which runs through the summer, offering a three-week program of workshops and meeting key figures in the social entrepreneurship space."

You can find out more information about Enactus and their social impact projects, by visiting For more information for-credit undergraduate and postgraduate opportunities in social entrepreneurship, please contact Brigitte McKenna, Student Opportunities Specialist.​​