The internet, Penicillin and the controlled use of fire.

From technological breakthroughs to fortuitous mistakes, the ability to innovate has defined human history. Whether a problem is simple or complex, entrepreneurs see opportunities to create solutions—and change the world.

The entrepreneurial spirit is celebrated each year at UNSW Business school in an exciting student challenge. Now in its 17th year, the Peter Farrell Cup is Australia’s first student-run entrepreneurship competition and has been inspiring some of the brightest business-minds since 2001. Budding innovators are given the opportunity to develop practical entrepreneurial skills and pitch cutting-edge ideas that have the potential to make a positive, real-world impact.

With an open brief and the valuable support of industry mentors, 10 outstanding finalists are chosen to develop their business case and compete for a prize pool of more than $30,000 – a possible kick-start for their future business.

This year has seen the largest number of applicants in the competition’s history and the finals are set to be the biggest and best yet.

Come and watch the battle for best start-up on Tuesday 17 October at Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, Sydney CBD – claim your FREE ticket to the finals here.

To give you an idea of what to expect, here’s a glimpse of three of the finalists’ ideas…


The Concept

A search engine and marketplace for generic drugs, combatting the high cost of prescriptions in the Philippines.

How it Works

Due to unsustainable prices and a lack of accurate information, health care is often inaccessible – particularly to the poor. Difficult circumstances force people to make tough decisions about their health, such as purchasing non-prescription drugs or avoiding seeing a doctor altogether.

GeneRX is a free mobile app, which serves as a platform to help disadvantaged communities access correct information. Using the app, you can convert brand names and doses to generic alternatives, compare medication prices in nearby pharmacies, order prescriptions and access ratings and reviews.

The aim is to make medical care affordable for everyone, ultimately contributing to a healthier society. Starting in Metro Manila, GeneRx has ambitions to scale up to a national level in the Philippines.

The Team

  • Jason Alacapa – Project Lead, Chief Executive Officer
  • Febe Amelia Haryanto – Chief Operations Officer
  • Anggi Permana Harianja – Chief Technical Officer


The Concept

Reforming the paper recycling process through a new biotechnological method of “deinking” paper.

How it Works

When you think of recycling paper, you don’t immediately think of negative environmental implications…

The deinking stage in the recycling process is currently done using hydrogen peroxide, aka bleach.

The team behind Albuson, using a combination of bioengineering and business skills, have developed a method which replaces this manmade chemical with naturally produced enzymes. These enzymes can be generated at a fraction of the cost – increasing productivity and decreasing the environmental footprint.

The Team

  • Alec Leithhead – Project Lead/ Chief Financial Officer
  • Azman Nordin – Head of Research/ Product Development
  • Kian Wee Lee – Researcher
  • Krishnan Padidam – Researcher

The Pelvic Expert

The Concept

Educating and empowering women by providing accessible pelvic healthcare solutions worldwide.

How it Works

There is a lack of accurate, reliable and accessible information on women’s health and pelvic health issues. The Pelvic Expert aims to combat this by offering e-health programs on a gamified platform that can be accessed from any device, anywhere in the world.

Digital programs include pelvic floor physiotherapy education, pain neuroscience, holistic nutrition and functional exercise, delivered though videos, audios and printable handouts.

The Team

  • Nabeil Allam – Project Lead/ Business & Strategy
  • Heba Shaheed – Women’s Health Physiotherapy, Nutrition & Exercise Specialist
  • Mariam Shaheed – Front End Development & Operations Manager