Richard Holden has been named a Fellow of the Econometric Society – a global organisation dedicated to promoting constructive and rigorous thinking in theoretical and quantitative approaches to economic research.

Richard has made many contributions to contract theory, organisational economics, law and economics, and political economy.

He has written on a broad range of topics including: gerrymandering, the boundary of the firm, incentives in organisations, mechanism design, voting rules, network capital. His works have appeared in top outlets including American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics and Review of Economic Studies.

Along with Alan Woodland, Jacob Goeree, and Mike Keane; the Business School now has four Econometric Society Fellows. There are less than 700 Fellows worldwide, with approximately a dozen from Australian universities.

The Econometric Society is one of the most prevalent economic research affiliations. It was founded in 1930 by Ragnar Frisch, who is also credited with coining the word 'Econometrics' in the sense with which it is used today – put simply, the application of statistical methods to economic data.

Econometrics allows economists to find simple relationships within large quantities of data.

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