The UNSW Social Policy Research Centre (SPRC) has partnered with SBS for season two of their TV program Struggle Street, an observational documentary about “the realities of social and economic hardship”.

We made a carefully considered decision to become an outreach partner of the series, aiming to amplify the show's impact on communities that may be depicted in and/or affected by the issues raised in the series.

The outreach engagement activity SPRC participated in included the following:

  • Professor Carla Treloar and Associate Professor kylie valentine provided rigorous, research-based guidance to the producers of the series (KEO Films).
  • Carla and kylie viewed episodes of the series in the presence of KEO and SBS staff and provided input into the series’ content, including suggestions regarding the script for the series narration.
  • kylie made herself available to SBS journalists, providing interviews and directing journalists to the most relevant pieces of significant research to draw on for editorial content. The articles created give context to the series, and provide support and calls to action for viewers and members of the community who may wish to know more about issues raised/how they can help.
  • kylie also appears in a short video piece as part of a series of six myth-busting videos. SPRC was key to selecting which myths were most prevalent and needed further discussion.

We look forward to continuing a constructive discussion into inequality and poverty in Australia.