"There is a constant buzz about consumers in India – but what do we really know about them?" asks Associate Professor of Marketing Nitika Garg from UNSW Business School.

Her research, along with Senior Lecturer Rahul Govind from UNSW Business School has recently been published in the book "Understanding Indian Consumers" by Durairaj Maheswaran and Thomas Puliyel. It was launched at an event hosted at the Indian School of Business in Hyderabad.

She looked at Socio-economic and cultural antecedents of obesity in India.

"The push to educate the population of India about nutrition and influence their eating habits will only be successful with the availability of nutritional information in the marketplace," she says. "One of the biggest issues to tackle the obesity problem is the build awareness around nutrition in response to some of the more concentrated advertising of the fast food companies."

The book collates thoughts of experts on the changing dynamics of consumer behaviour in India and strategies used by marketing professionals to deal with the ever-changing faces of Indian consumers.

The book focuses on the Indian market scenario and ways to attract the attention of the consumers, with a compilation of case studies and articles written by the best minds amongst the academicians and business practitioners from around the globe.

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