International Women’s Day not only stands as an opportunity to celebrate women, but also as a call-to-action. In celebrating International Women’s Day, we acknowledge and make a commitment to the fight for gender parity and #pressforprogress.

One of the factors contributing to gender inequity in STEM is the persistent, outmoded stereotype that these are ‘male’ disciplines. Challenging the perception that few women can, want to, or will do science, technology, engineering and maths is important. Not only to encourage more young women to pursue work in these areas, but also in bringing about changes that will reduce bias and make these disciplines more gender inclusive.

This year, UNSW Psychology is recognising International Women’s Day with a shout-out to all the incredible women working in psychological science. The collage presented below showcases the range of women working in psychological research at UNSW, and the diversity in what constitutes their science. This will be an ongoing project, added to over time, to work at broadening the perception of what it means to be a scientist.

Please take a closer look at our featured researchers and their work here http://unsw-psych-women.org/.