Weave is a new festival of Aboriginal and Pacific Cultures presented by the Australian Museum.

With events that span from children’s activities to after hours access, the program is remarkably varied. Respected Elders, talented artisans and community groups present practical work and theoretical material, including demonstrations, drop-ins, and workshops, virtual reality representation of dance, song and music, documentaries and video installation, and film screenings, along with storytelling and talks by panels and individuals - including a talk by Adjunct Professor Deborah Bird Rose from UNSW Arts & Social Sciences.

The festival aims to celebrate and share the stories behind a diverse range of cultural knowledge, practices and traditions. Some specific areas covered include weaving, and Winhangadhurinya, a Wiradjuri word for a type of meditation, deep listening, knowing, and reflecting.

Weave: Festival of Aboriginal And Pacific Cultures runs from the 2 — 31 March 2018 at the Australian Museum

For more information and festival program visit Weave Festival.