With recent data scandals, strong governance and accountability is called for in the collection, management, use and security of data, with both opportunities and risks for business. 

The UNSW Business School has now launched a new Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network will be led by Professor Pamela Hanrahan and Dr Rob Nicholls,to support interdisciplinary work on the development of effective data governance frameworks.

"The Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal highlights the need for more research into how personal data is being handled, what companies are doing with it, and how new or current legislation is implemented," says ProfessorPamela Hanrahan.

Data-driven innovation is welcomed by many companies, and is described by the OECD as a 'key pillar in 21st century sources of growth', andlarge data sets are becoming 'a core asset in the economy, fostering new industries, processes and products and creating significant competitive advantages'. However, she suggests this must be tempered with an understanding what can legally and ethically be done with it.

"For business, the key governance issue is reconciling what can be done technically, and what must be done legally, with the legitimate concerns and expectations of stakeholders and regulators.  The Research Network will draw on a range of disciplines to develop robust data governance practices.  This will enable Australian business to continue to innovate and thrive in this new environment."

Dr Rob Nicholls said, "We want to encourage businesses, regulators and governments to be involved in this important and exciting series of research projects. We will be organising a series of workshops in the coming months looking at practical governance approaches in this fast-evolving sector."

The Cyber Security and Data Governance Research Network complements the UNSW Business School's existing strengths in digital enablement and big data. It leverages the UNSW Business School's world-class expertise in corporate governance and accountability.

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Rob Nicholls 0412 646 477 r.nicholls@unsw.edu.au
Pamela Hanrahan 0434 070 297 p.hanrahan@unsw.edu.au

Media Contact: Julian Lorkin | j.lorkin@unsw.edu.au

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