Rug Up is an annual exhibition and competition which showcases the incredible range of beautiful and intriguing rug designs produced by talented UNSW Art & Design textile students.

This longstanding creative industry project is a collaboration between Australia’s leading rug company - Designer Rugs which specialises in handmade custom rugs and carpets for both residential and commercial interiors and the nation's leading design school. 

The Rug Up Project, which has been running at UNSW Art & Design for more than a decade, is the brainchild of internationally acclaimed textile artist Associate Professor Liz Williamson, and Yosi Tal, the visionary Managing Director of Designer Rugs. Their idea was to present University design students with a professional brief to design a rug, and offer them the possibility of having their rug manufactured. Students learn from seeing designs translated as selected designs are submitted in an A4 format but return as large 2 x 3 metres hand tufted rugs.

Each year, participating students review popular rug designs produced by Designer Rugs in collaboration with international designers such as Akira Isogawa, Anna-Carin, Dinosaur Designs, Easton Pearson, Cloth, and Wedgwood. The students are challenged to explore colour, line, pattern, and texture in developing their own original designs.

Designer Rugs has a successful history, operating since 1986 in the Australian and international flooring market and has developed a strong portfolio of clients and projects around its core value of quality, design integrity, originality and service excellence.

Designer Rugs range includes exclusive world renowned collections by Australian artists and designers. In addition, clients looking for ready made rugs are provided with affordable and creative collections of handmade rugs in a wide variety of styles, influences and sizes.