Every year on July 28, World Hepatitis Day takes place to raise global awareness of the burden of viral hepatitis and to drive real change. The theme for the 2018 World Hepatitis Day is ‘Finding the missing millions’. This refers to the global concern that so many people who live with viral hepatitis are not yet diagnosed and connected to care.

“While Australia works towards the WHO elimination goals for viral hepatitis, we must pay attention to who is at risk of ‘missing out’ on advances and investments in hepatitis C and B,” Professor Carla Treloar, Director of the Centre for Social Research in Health at UNSW Sydney said. “New priorities for communities, services and policy will continue to emerge in this changing landscape. Our research agenda will remain responsive and our findings will provide critical input for the viral hepatitis response”.

This World Hepatitis Day, we have compiled a selection of publications by staff at the Centre for Social Research in Health that we think highlights the most important current issues in understanding the social aspects of viral hepatitis prevention and treatment.

Included in the collection are articles that explore the experiences of various populations with hepatitis C, associated stigma, and harm reduction and prevention with a focus on important groups.