Are you passionate about engaging the public or your fellow classmates in science? Have you been active in advancing science education and communication?

The E&ERC is excited to launch its new Student Service Award, awarded annually to a UNSW undergraduate student who has shown conspicuous service in the public or UNSW community to advance scientific understanding, scientific training, or applied conservation. Service should be in the area of evolution, ecology or other foci of the E&ERC.

Service activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Public science communication
  • Promoting UNSW Science to the public, like having a leadership role in UNSW outreach
  • Promoting UNSW Science within UNSW
  • Improving the science student experience, like organising a large student event or ongoing involvement in mentoring
  • Hands-on conservation work


The awardee will receive a certificate and $200 cash from the Evolution and Ecology Research Centre.


In order to be eligible for the award, students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree at UNSW.


Download the application form:

EERC UG Service Award Application Form

Submit by 23 November 2018 to Helen Flint (