As part of the Australian government’s commitment to providing more support for Australians studying overseas, the Department of Education and Training awarded AGSM @ UNSW Business School an Endeavour Mobility Grant of $20,000 in 2017. This grant acknowledges the Australian Government’s encouragement for active two-way educational support between Australia and other countries.

The Endeavour Mobility Grant was distributed in the form of ten scholarship to eligible MBA students to help cover the travel expenses for the AGSM International Business Experience (IBE) study tour to China in September 2018.  

AGSM’s 2018 IBE tour took students to Beijing, Shenzhen and Hong Kong, where they observed how companies operate independently while collectively furthering the economic standing of China. 

Students from the Full-Time MBA, MBA (Executive) and MBAX (online) programs, at different stages of their MBA journey, were able to learn from each other and draw insights from institutions, businesses and other people they meet overseas.

Through this exposure to other cultures, students are encouraged to recognise the need to adapt their own social predispositions to suit international business objectives. They can also appreciate the influence of culture and other non-economic factors, such as politics, on global business transactions. 

AGSM has run IBE tours to China for the past six years. A major highlight of the AGSM MBA calendar, the tour provides insights that will help students become effective global business leaders when they graduate.

This opportunity increases students’ awareness of the social, technological and environmental challenges that overseas organisations, governments and business leaders face every day. In a competitive global marketplace, the ability to establish meaningful connections through first-hand experiences of emerging international markets can be a key differentiator in the career of MBA graduates. 

AGSM was delighted to award the following students an IBE scholarship 

  • Alexander Blackburn, MBA (Executive)
  • Aparajita Dash, MBA (Executive)
  • Brendan Davis, MBA (Executive)
  • Sheena Haweil, MBAX Technology
  • Atul Jamwal, MBA (Executive)
  • Nicholas Jeha, MBA (Executive)
  • Dennis Lindgren, MBA (Executive)
  • Timothy Teo, Full-time MBA
  • Cassandra Turner, MBAX Change
  • Yasinta Widjojo, MBA (Executive)