Associate Professor Kama Maclean from UNSW School of Humanities and Languages has been recognised for her outstanding achievements with election to the Australian Academy of the Humanities – the highest honour for achievement in the humanities in Australia.

Associate Professor Kama Maclean has been honoured for her distinguished research in the history of modern India, and imperial and transnational history.

The Australian Academy of Humanities has awarded 28 elections to outstanding academics and researchers who come from a diverse range of fields including archaeology, classics, history, philosophy, media studies, religion, Asian studies, art history, applied linguistics and musicology.

The President of the Academy, Professor Joy Damousi FASSA FAHA, notes that the new Fellows have been elected for their outstanding contribution to humanities in Australia.

“I am honoured to welcome our new Fellows, elected in recognition of their distinguished achievement in the humanities and arts disciplines. The work of the humanities is central to our culture, to our identity and to our future.

“Understanding the histories, heritages, languages and cultures of our own people, and of those around the world, will enable Australia to thrive in an ever changing and dynamic world,” Professor Damousi said.

The Australian Academy of Humanities Fellows are academic experts in the humanities disciplines which share a common ground and central concern on human culture, behaviour, beliefs and values.

As well as recognition as a new Fellow, Associate Professor Maclean was acknowledged with a Fellowship at the National Library of Australia in 2019 to research the politics of RG Casey’s governorship of Bengal. The National Library of Australia Fellowships support researchers with the Library’s extensive and rich collections to research a wide range of disciplinary fields.

Nick Rafferty