We are proud to announce that Dr Donna Salopek has received a 2018 UNSW Science Staff Excellence Award.

Dr Salopek was awarded for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in the Social Engagement and Leadership category. 

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award recognises a remarkable staff role model, ally and champion who promotes and brings to life values and principles of equity, diversity and inclusion in UNSW Science and the wider community.

Demonstrated activities may include recruitment and retention efforts, teaching, student support, research, community outreach activities, or other initiatives that promote a safe, diverse and inclusive culture at UNSW. 

Only one Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award was conferred in this round. 

Dr Salopek was awarded for her admirable efforts coordinating the MA:THS Mathematical Ambassadors program at Matraville Sports High School, which benefits students in need. The program provides tutoring for Matraville students by UNSW maths undergraduate student volunteers.

The partnership has been very successful, with feedback from Matraville Sports High's students and teachers overwhelmingly positive. 

A very warm congratulations to Dr Salopek for this well-deserved achievement.