UNSW Business School has secured over $2.2 million in the latest round of research funding. 

Research on digital nomadism, information acquisition and voting behaviour, and behavioural economics are amongst applications that were successful in receiving grants from the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Projects and Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA).

UNSW Business School Associate Dean (Research), Professor Elizabeth Carson said, "This has been a very successful grant round for our scholars in the Business School, especially in the School of Economics."  

"We are particularly delighted with the award of funds to our early and mid-career researchers.  The external funding environment is highly competitive with very low success rates.  Grant success is often a result of applying without receiving funding in prior years and we acknowledge the efforts of all those who have submitted their projects for assessment."

UNSW Sydney topped the list of universities in Australia with the largest number of successful grants - receiving $45 million for 114 projects from the ARC.

Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic from the School of Information Systems, a Chief Investigator on a successful Discovery Project said, "This grant is essential for our future research as it will provide necessary resources for conducting extensive empirical research (field studies in targeted locations) and then developing theoretical explanations of digital nomadism and its practical implications."

UNSW Business School had seven successful applications, six ARC Discovery Projects and one DECRA:

  • Professor Jacob Goeree (School of Economics) and Dr Philippos Louis for a Discovery Project titled "Rank-dependent choice equilibrium" in FoR code 1401: $429,660.

  • Dr Sarah Walker (School of Economics), Associate Professor Anne Bartlett, Associate Professor Jennifer Alix-Garcia and Professor Volker Radeloff for a Discovery Project titled "Improving payments for ecosystems services efficacy" in FoR code 1402: $579,239.

  • Professor Andreas Ortmann (School of Economics), Associate Professor Tom Wilkening, Dr Jingjing Zhang and Professor Dmitry Ryvkin for a Discovery Project titled "Wicked defaults: how to overcome the dark side of choice architecture" in FoR code 1402: $174,000.

  • Professor Dubravka Cecez-Kecmanovic (School of Information Systems and Technology Management), Dr Daniel Schlagwein, Professor John Campbell, Professor Olivia Marjanovic, Associate Professor Mari-Klara Stein, Professor Tina Jensen for a Discovery Project titled "Digital nomadism: How IT enables new forms of working and organising" in FoR code 0806: $390,000.

  • Associate Professor Juan Carlos Carbajal (School of Economics) and Dr Ahuva Mu'alem Weil for a Discovery Project titled "A robust approach to designing mechanisms for budget constrained agents" in FoR code 1401: $150,000.

  • Associate Professor Juan Carlos Carbajal (School of Economics) and Professor John Ledyard for a Discovery Project titled "An economic analysis of multi-period reform programs" in FoR code 1401: $126,000.

  • Dr Evgenia Dechter (School of Economics) has been awarded a DECRA in FoR code 1401: $371,000.

In addition, UNSW Business School researchers with grants administered at other universities include:

  • Dr Carlos Pimienta (School of Economics) with Dr Marco Faravelli and Dr Haishan Yuan for a Discovery Project titled "Information acquisition and voting behaviour" in FoR 1402: $213,000.