Gary Froyland
We are proud to announce that Professor Gary Froyland has been invited to be a plenary speaker at Equadiff 2019.

Equadiff 2019, a large biennial international conference devoted to the field of differential equations, will be held at Leiden University, The Netherlands, over five days in July. 

The conference aims to bring together global experts from the broad areas of differential equations and dynamical systems, focussing both on theory and applications.

Professor Froyland is one of 11 invited plenary speakers. He will speak on "Learning geometry and statistics from the spectrum of time-dependent dynamics".

Professor Froyland's dynamical systems research focusses on the interplay of probability and geometry in nonlinear and chaotic dynamical systems, and uses tools from ergodic theory.

In addition to fundamental mathematical research in dynamical systems, he has applied his research methods to analyse the ocean, the atmosphere, and granular flows, using models and observational data.