The School of Mathematics and Statistics was proud to host the 2019 AMSI Summer School from 7 January - 1 February.  

The four-week program attracted 171 participants from universities across Australia and incorporated eight intensive honours-level subjects.

The schedule included a Choose Maths evening, which featured dinner and a presentation by Julia Collins (Choose Maths - Women in Maths Network Coordinator), attended by female students and staff members. We also held a Careers Event in Leighton Hall which showcased stall holders from industry, and a series of panel discussions including one titled "This is what a scientist looks like" which was chaired by Prof Catherine Greenhill. 

A public lecture by esteemed Princeton oceanographer Dr Stephen Griffies was held in the Science Theatre during the last week of Summer School and drew around 170 attendees. 

Several of the Summer School courses were taught by School members -
Zdravko Botev (Mathematical Methods for Machine Learning);
Shane Keating (Mathematics of Planet Earth, co-lectured with Lisa Alexander of UNSW's CCRC); and 
Galina Levitina and Fedor Sukochev (An introduction on non-commutative functional analysis: Quantised Calculus).

We were joined by Michael Coons, University of Newcastle (Analytic Number Theory); 
Our former Postdoc Andy Hammerlindl, Monash University (Dynamical Systems: Models of Chaotic Dynamics); 
Regina Burachik, University of South Australia (Optimisation); 
Peter Kim, University of Sydney and Justin Tzou, Macquarie University (PDE Methods and Models in Mathematical Biology); and 
Giang Nguyen, University of Adelaide (Stochastic Modelling).

The program also featured a vibrant social events calendar, with bi-weekly picnics and BBQs, weekly movie nights, networking events, and weekend excursions. The weekend excursions, which were well attended by students, included a Coogee to Bondi coastal walk and a trip to Sydney's Royal National Park. 

AMSI Summer School 2019 was capped off with a closing dinner cruise on Sydney Harbour, where guests heard speeches from Guoyin Li, Shane Keating, Bruce Henry, Chloe Pearse (AMSI), and Summer School students Chelsea Just and Shih Ching, who shared their experiences from the past four weeks. Guests were also treated to a viewing of the AMSI Summer School promotional video, which was directed and created by Vito Scandurra. 

Thank you to all who contributed to the success of the 2019 AMSI Summer School! 

A massive thank you to the AMSI Summer School 2019 Organising Team: Guoyin Li, Shane Keating, Suzie Scandurra, Beatta Zarrabi, Susannah Waters, Diana Combe, Vito Scandurra, Altaf Syed, Anna Muscara and Chloe Pearse.

Thank you to all of the lecturers named above, who did an excellent job and who were universally adored by the students.

And to the many others who assisted with events and logistics along the way:
Gemayne Magbanua, Kaye Sedgers, Yudhi Bunjamin (who was a massive help during the four weeks), Haya Aldosari, Fadi Antown, Catheryn Gray, Michaela Hall, Naomi Huynh, Laure Helme-Guizon, Grace Nguyen, Robert Nguyen, Gordana Popovic, Thomas Scheckter, Kate Wu, Kris Wu, and Spencer Yang.

Next year's AMSI Summer School will be held at La Trobe University.

WATCH: AMSI Summer School 2019 video