AGSM will welcome 100 global MBA candidates from the world’s top business schools to the sixth annual MBA World Summit this week at the UNSW campus in Sydney. Participants will discuss today’s most relevant political, economic and social issues and meet with local business leaders and industry experts to think creatively about the challenges facing leaders today.

Callum Newton, AGSM Full-Time MBA student and 2019 MBA World Summit delegate, said: “I applied for the MBA World Summit because I wanted to share this experience with my peers from around the world and the business leaders of tomorrow. It is a tremendous learning opportunity to interact with the best and brightest MBA students from around the world.”

“The Summit is a platform to broaden our understanding of the relevant issues of tomorrow and learn new innovative methods to tackle them,” he said.

“To me, innovating for global growth means when organisations successfully implement innovation focussed cultures, that incorporate a diversity of thought, foster creative problem solving and utilise current business structures, enabling teams of passionate people to solve problems quickly,” said Sajid Bokhari, AGSM MBA (Executive) student and 2019 MBA World Summit delegate.

“The world is experiencing change on both the business and social fronts at an unprecedented scale. New technologies and processes have made many business models around the world redundant. I believe it is more important than ever to create opportunities that allow the exchange of innovative ideas. For this reason, the MBA World Summit plays a crucial role in the development of important and valuable business ideas,” said Sajid.

As part of the summit’s ‘Innovating for Growth’ theme, students will participate in a once-in-a-lifetime learning opportunity at the Michael Crouch Innovation Centre at UNSW. Through different "new technology maker" activities, participants will identify and develop new business models by re-thinking existing approaches to how international business is currently conducted.

The goal is not only to facilitate an exchange of ideas but for participants to share their collective knowledge to ensure everyone can benefit, by removing preconceived ideas and assumptions about the nature of business and innovation.

“There is no other global MBA Summit which provides MBA students with such an invaluable opportunity to engage in high impact exchange of ideas, foster meaningful networks with other inspirational future leaders and explore opportunities for global collaboration,” said Sajid.

The summit is an opportunity to interact with fellow students from other top Business Schools, expanding on current networks that will continue to deepen global ties throughout the business world. To learn more about the MBA World Summit and find out how to apply for the 2020 summit, click here: