From 20-24th January 65 year 12 students attended UNSW to complete the SciX summer school, studying eleven different research projects. Throughout the week the students worked with PhD student mentors on research projects in their chosen field; attended a series of workshops and visited research labs.

Feedback from students was very positive, 89% were extremely glad they attended while the remaining 11% were very glad they attended. All students agreed that they would recommend the program to year 11 students.

All students identified working with a mentor in their small groups as their favourite part of the program.

When asked to compare their experience with their expectations students made comments such as
“It was above and beyond my expectations. I learnt so much, got lots done and had lots of fun

Summer school completely exceeded my expectations because it was a lot more fun and helpful that I expected” and “Much better than expected. Mentors were great, helpful, friendly and understanding.”

For more information of the SciX@UNSW program, see the SciX@UNSW Website.