Professor Wanbil Lee is an academic and IT professional turned cyber ethics evangelist.

As the Founder and President of The Computer Ethics Society for iEthics, Professor Lee is passionate about ethical best-practice leadership, with a special research interest in ethical computing and information security management. His experience spans the government, business and academic sectors in Hong Kong, Australia and abroad.

“Simply ‘doing the right thing’ is a necessity but it’s often not enough,” said Professor Lee. “Doing the right thing right means taking the course of action that results in techno-economic gains while also benefiting society. It’s often not easy, but it is achievable and something leaders should strive for.”

It is from this belief that Professor Lee set up the Professor Wanbil Lee Prize for Ethical Leaders in Business Award in 2014. This prize was established to recognise business leaders who resolve business challenges ethically and in doing so inspire others to act with similar intent.

The 2018 recipient Mary Condon, Deposits and Payments Product Manager with Macquarie Group Limited and current AGSM MBA (Executive) student, said: “Receiving the Wanibil Lee Prize was a very pleasant surprise and one that I am very grateful for. It’s not often you have the time to sit and critically evaluate what ethical business leadership means to you, and how it in eventuates in your specific professional environment.”

“I have tried to apply ethical leadership in my own professional setting. As the product lead for business banking deposit and payments, I am responsible for ensuring our products are compliant and meet legal and regulatory requirements but also meet client expectations and community standards.”

“Current AGSM students past and present should apply for this prize, as it’s a great opportunity to really question yourself and assess how you apply ethics in your day to day working life,” she said.

Professor Wanbil Lee Prize for Ethical Leaders in Business Award plays a significant role raising awareness and ensuring the conversation around ethics and the importance of making ethical decisions in all business ventures continues. Public recognition is also important as local businesses transition into global companies, they will be confronted with the choice to do the right thing or to do what is most cost efficient.

“Business leaders are always confronted with making challenging decisions, and it is important we equip ourselves to handle such decisions ethically when they arise,” said Mary.

This is a global prize and nominees can be of any nationality and based anywhere in the world. All AGSM students and alumni who actively demonstrate entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and business ethics within their workplace are strongly encouraged to apply. The 2019 winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize and will be recognised at the UNSW Business School annual awards ceremony held in June 2019.

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Applications close on Monday 6 May.