Everyone has the right to seek asylum under international law, but Australia’s public discourse about refugees resounds with scaremongering. 

Years of political point-scoring have planted myths about refugees and asylum seekers, leading decent, kind and well-meaning Australians to support inhumane approaches to people in need of protection. Now governments vow to ‘stop the boats’ whatever the cost, be it human, economic, moral or legal. 

'Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs’, by the Director of the Kaldor Centre, Professor Jane McAdam, and Fiona Chong, is a completely updated follow-up to the authors’ critically acclaimed, prize-winning and bestselling 2014 book, 'Refugees: Why seeking asylum is legal and Australia’s policies are not'.

In this new book, the authors find that Australia’s policies towards refugees have hardened in the past five years. 'Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs' holds Australia's current refugee law and policy to account. Bringing facts to bear on a highly politicised debate, the authors clearly explain why Australia falls short of its own international commitments when it comes to policies such as offshore processing, detention and boat turnbacks. 

McAdam and Chong also chart a way forward, outlining what a human rights-based protection system might look like – and how Australia could reclaim global leadership on refugee issues. 

A former Immigration Minister, Ian McPhee AO, says, ‘This book should be read by all Australians concerned about the inhumanity demonstrated by successive federal governments when dealing with refugees seeking our protection.’ 

'Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs’ is due out in July. You can pre-order now from NewSouth.