A switch in fortunes for our Premier Division teams this week, with our women's team suffering a loss to Macquarie University, while our men's team had a huge win over Camden. Both teams play Sydney University this weekend - in the women's competition Sydney are at the top of the table and the Bulldogs will need to have their wits about them to get the win. The men's match will be a grand final replay at the beautiful Henson Park in Marrickville. Get down there to support the team and enjoy the great atmosphere on the hill. This week also saw 50 game milestones for Ingrid Nielsen, Kaia Reynolds-Erler, Declan Delahunty and Lachlan O'Callaghan.

Full results:
Women’s Premier Division lost to Macquarie University 2.3 (15) to 8.4 (52)
Men’s Premier Division defeated Camden Cats 21.7 (133) to 6.7 (43)
Men’s Premier Reserves defeated Camden Cats 10.12 (72) to 3.10 (28)
Women’s Division 2 lost to East Coast Eagles 1.0 (6) to 16.21 (117)
Men’s Division 2 defeated Camden Cats 7.6 (48) to 5.7 (37)
Men’s Division 3 defeated Campbelltown Blues 9.7 (61) to 3.4 (22)
U19s Division 1 defeated Camden Cats 19.12 (126) to 7.9 (51)
U19s Division 2 lost to West Goannas 3.1 (19) to 22.11 (143)

After a break over the Easter period, our Handball teams resumed their competitions this week, with both teams playing Sydney Uni. An eight-point loss to the men's team means they sit at the bottom of the ladder, while a six-point win for the women's team cemented their position in second place.

Full results:
UNSW Men's lost to Sydney Uni 22-34
UNSW Women's defeated Sydney Uni 30-24

Another big women for the Women's Metro League Team 1 sees them into third place on the ladder, with a big game to come next round against RHH who are currently in second. Meanwhile our Men's Premier League team also had a convincing win over Briars and are in fifth place on the ladder. Their next game is against a struggling Sydney Uni, so they will be looking for another solid win.

Full results:
Women’s Metropolitan League
Team 1 defeated UTS 7-2
Team 2 defeated UTS 6-0
Team 3 lost to MosHarbour 0-1
Team 4 lost to MosHarbour 0-6

Sydney East Hockey Association Women’s Competition
Team 1 defeated Tartans 3-0
Team 2 defeated Bosco 3-2
Team 3 Black drew with SGR 2-2
Team 3 Gold lost to Easts 0-2
Team 4 lost to Bentstix 0-7

Sydney Hockey Association Men’s Premier League
Team 1 defeated Briars 5-0
Team 2 defeated UTS 5-1
Team 3 defeated UTS 6-0
Team 4 defeated UTS 2-0

Sydney Hockey Association Men’s Sydney League
Team 1 defeated Monterey 4-2
Team 2 defeated UTS 2-0
Team 3 lost to Monterey 1-2

The season kicked off for the UNSW Netball Club this weekend, playing in the Randwick Netball Association competition. A great start to the season saw seven wins from 12 games across Saturday. Sies (A1), Blacks (A1), Blues (B2), Omurais (C2), Mobies (C3), Whites (C5) and Inters all recorded round one wins and the club will continue to build as the season progresses.

Not such a great week on the field for our football teams, with a heavy defeat to the women's team and a close loss for the men's team. Both teams now sit in 10th place on their respective ladders and face an uphill battle to try to qualify for finals.

Full results:
UNSW Women’s lost to Gladesville Ravens 0-4
UNSW Men’s lost to Prospect United SC 1-2

UNSW powered on into the second week of their competition, winning four of their five games in round two. The Barraclough Cup team had a high-scoring loss that showed their attack is in form, while the Blunt Cup team managed a 17-0 defeat for the second week in a row. 

Full results:
Barraclough Cup: UNSW lost to Epping 22-32
Stockdale Cup: UNSW defeated Epping 34-12
Robertson Cup (Colts): UNSW defeated Epping 22-19
Blunt Cup: UNSW defeated Epping 17-0
Richardson Cup: UNSW defeated Epping 17-12

A huge weekend of finals at Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre saw our UNSW teams come away with a bronze medal (women's) and a gold medal (men's). Both teams had terrific seasons and while it wasn't the ending the women's team were after, they will no doubt bounce back strongly. For the men it was the perfect end to a season where they only had two losses - a testament to their hard work and consistency.

Full results:
Semi-final: UNSW Wests Killer Whales (Women) lost to Queensland Thunder 8-11
Bronze medal match: UNSW Wests Killer Whales (Women) defeated UTS Balmain Tigers 11-7
Semi-final: UNSW Wests Magpies (Men) defeated Fremantle Mariners 11-8
Grand final: UNSW Wests Magpies (Men) defeated Drummoyne Devils 9-7