After a more subdued long weekend #TeamUNSW took to the fields, the courts and the mats once again. It’s your weekly Around the Grounds report. 

With new blood, the merciless battle for greatness, and a thrilling ascendancy to power, one may be forgiven for mistaking the AFL Sydney league for a blockbuster HBO series. Just with more Eastern Suburbs Bulldogs and less dragons. The premier Men’s team remain locked in battle with the North Shore Bombers for AFL Sydney supremacy. Barring any colossal mishaps, #TeamUNSW fans can expect the two teams to face off in an epic final confrontation. Not to be outdone, the Women’s Premier Division valiantly challenged the top ranked Macquarie University and the Women’s Division 2 team fended off the South West Sydney Magpies, executing a masterful performance in an unpredictable match. 

Having risen through the ranks since joining UNSW AFL in 2013, Wagga product Joe ‘Buckets’ Byrnes has cemented his spot on the premier division team this year. Byrnes will now run out for his 50th game for the Bulldogs. Described by teammates as “a dominant forward, who could also use his booming kick down back”, Byrnes’ lethal combination of skills will continue to mark him as a key player to watch.

Full Results
Men’s Premier Division defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 16.12 (108) to 4.9 (33)
Women’s Premier Division lost to Macquarie University 1.0 (6) to 13.12 (90)
Men’s Premier Reserves defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 14.20 (104) TO 1.4 (10)
Women’s Division 2 defeated South West Sydney Magpies 6.7 (43) to 2.7 (19)
Men’s Division 2 defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 10.15 (75) to 1.1 (7)
Men’s Division 3 defeated Pennant Hills Demons 9.6 (60) to 6.4 (40)
U19s Division 1 defeated Manly Warringah Wolves 18.19 (127) to 2.2 (14)

The whistle blows, once, twice, three times, four times. . . but four tries to UNSW was not enough to secure victory as the UNSW Premier grade were defeated by a strong Forest side in the Barraclough Cup. In the Stockdale Cup, UNSW are holding tight to their second position on the ladder despite suffering a rare defeat on the weekend. The sole try was awarded to reserve Patrick Olaaiga who seized his game time opportunity with both hands. As well as fast feet and some quick thinking.

Full Results 
Barraclough Cup lost to Forest 29-31
Stockdale Cup lost to Forest 26-5
Robertson Cup (Colts) lost to Forest 5-33
Blunt Cup defeated Forest 32-12
Richardson Cup lost to Forest 7-15

The tight competition that is netball in the Randwick district continues to yield a mixed bag of results as #TeamUNSW is constantly challenged. 

Full Results 
A1: UNSW Sies defeated UNSW Blacks 44-32
A2: UNSW Pilots lost to Coogee 26-52
B2: UNSW Blues defeated Mascot 34-29
B2: UNSW Orcas lost to Marrickville 39-42
B3: UNSW Grays BYE
C2: UNSW Omurais defeated Bondi 41-37
C3: UNSW Mobies lost to Marrickville 37-51
C4: UNSW Fins defeated Coogee 51-9
C5: UNSW White lost to Saints Blue 17-24
Inter 3: UNSW Dolphins defeated Kincoppal 38-20

Is it a moment? It feels like a moment. With the world game taking centre stage, it seems only natural that UNSW FC rides the wave of enthusiasm as a new generation comes of age with familiarity and the access to the beloved game. The women’s team dominated the match against Southern Branch with two goals of the five goals awarded to Amy Ng in her breakout match of the season. Despite goals by Michael Leahy and the ever consistent Nima Beik, the men’s team were narrowly defeated by Central Coast United FC.

Full results
UNSW Women’s team defeated Southern Branch FC 5-1
UNSW Men’s team lost to Central Coast United FC 2-3

Amid the always-thrilling hockey tournaments, a dramatic week of state team selection releases has caused further excitement around the hockey fields. Congratulations to the ten Whalie athletes who have been selected in the NSW Pride Squad, the seven athletes who were selected in the NSW U21 Squad, and the two athletes who have earned their place on the NSW Masters Team. The names of these outstanding players on the UNSW Hockey website or Facebook page. Alternatively, witness the passion, the physicality and buzz around game day firsthand next Saturday as the Whalies always appreciate support from the UNSW community. 

Full Results
Women’s Metropolitan League
UNSW 1 defeated Briars 2-0
UNSW 2 defeated Macquarie University 3-1
UNSW 3 lost to Briars 2 0-1

Sydney East Hockey Association Women’s Competition
UNSW 1 tied with RSL 1 3-3
UNSW 2 tied with Sutherland 2-2
UNSW 3 Black lost to Bentstix 3 0-6
UNSW 4 lost to Bentsix 4 White 1-12

Men’s Premier League
UNSW PL1 tied with Sutherland 4-4
UNSW PL2 defeated Macquarie University 4-3
UNSW PL3 tied with Northern Disctricts 0-0
UNSW PL4 defeated Northern Districts 4-2
Men’s Sydney League
UNSW SL1 lost to Ryde 1-5
UNSW SL3 lost to Ryde 1-6
UNSW SL4 lost to Ryde 2-5

The UNSW Judo Club had over twenty athletes competing for NSW across all age groups at National Championships held at the Carrara stadium on the Gold Coast over the long weekend.  In an impressive feat, the competitors made their triumphant return with a total of twelve medals - one gold, five silver and six bronze. That’s the kind of remarkable haul that makes it awkward at the airport metal detector on the way home.

Every one of the competitors won fights, even if their success did not place them in a top three position. The National Championships was an invaluable experience for newer members as they seek to become highly skilled judokas.

But no competitor stands alone out on the mat. There is, of course, a vast support network that allows the athletes to put their best foot forward. Both senior State coaches, were from UNSW, with Kylie Koenig selected to coach the women’s team, and Ivica Pavlinic the men’s team. The sizable contingent of UNSW supporters, including parents and club coaches, were a positive force of animated spectators, morale boosters, and integral wisdom-givers. Not unpredictably, UNSW once again received the “Five Star” Award as the leading club in the country in the prestigious Judo Australia club’s awards.

It since been announced that the UNSW Judo Club’s own Dylan Katz has been selected to compete for Australia at the Asia-Pacific Championships in the Cadet division (15-17yrs), traveling to Taipei in late July.  High Performance Coach John Buckley praised the talented young athlete. “Dylan’s selection comes about as a result of his consistent record of achievements in recent tournaments since entering the cadet ranks”, Buckley notes proudly. “He is only in his first year as a cadet athlete and competes against athletes up to two years older than himself.” In a testament to the depth of talent, UNSW clubmate Angus Hutcheon has also been named as a reserve for the team.

The UNSW Judo community is thrilled that Australia will compete in the Asia-Pacific Championships for the first time, marking the positive trajectory of a growing sport that UNSW Judo Club has been central to building in Australia as young athletes can aspire to compete internationally with have greater opportunities.

Full Results
Junior Boys 
Egor Grachev 3rd

Senior Boys
Aidan Miu 2nd 
Ivan Samsonov 3rd 
Elijah Raif 2nd 
Joshua Koenig 2nd                                                                                                                                            
Iakov Ivanets 5th

Cadet men 
Ryan Koenig 3rd                                                                                                                                               
Dylan Katz 2nd                                                                                                                                             
Angus Hutcheon 3rd                                                                                                                                               
Brendan Miu 2nd

Junior men
Ryan Koenig 3rd                  
Matt Peppas 5th

Senior men
Shaun McDougall 3rd

Jason White 1st