The new AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship is open to talented emerging leaders and managers currently working in the not-for-profit sector who have a history of academic achievement and can demonstrate strong community connections within their application.

The AGSM Alumni Community Leader Scholarship is open to candidates applying for either the AGSM MBA (Executive) or the AGSM MBAX part-time programs and will cover the full tuition fees for either program. The successful recipient will also have the opportunity to undertake one postgraduate course in the Centre for Social Impact during their program of study.

Co-Funded by AGSM Alumni Michelle Beveridge (AGSM MBA (Executive) 2001), Andrew Stops AGSM MBA (Executive) 2000), Al McEwin AGSM MBA (Executive) 2007) and the AGSM @ UNSW Business School, applicants will be assessed on their ability to demonstrate their management and leadership qualities as well as their long-term commitment to supporting disadvantaged individuals and/or communities.

Applicants must be Australian Citizens or Permanent Residents who are not currently a recipient of another scholarship, funding grant, or any other form of financial support connected with study, from their organisation or another company.

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