A love of art led Master of Architecture student Viswesh Warrier to the field of architecture. 

"I was always going to pursue a career in the design field," he says. "I loved drawing as a kid, and my parents helped encourage my development by enrolling me in art classes. Having the inclination, and seeing the available career options, architecture was a natural fit." 

Viswesh was born in Kerala in South India but spent much of his childhood travelling with his family. He says the opportunity to travel growing up helped shape his sense of adventure.  

"I have grown up around the whole country of India, going wherever my father's job [in the army] took the family. The wonderful opportunities to travel at a young age helped provide learning experiences and helped shape who I am today," he says.  

He completed a Bachelor of Architecture at the National Institute of Technology Tiruchirappalli (NIT TRICHY) in India in 2017. Meanwhile, he was getting a taste for the industry with various architectural internships. 

Looking to develop his knowledge and experience in architecture design studies further, Viswesh enrolled in a Master of Architecture at UNSW Built Environment. He chose the Faculty for its high quality of teaching, as well as the option to specialise with the high-performance technology stream. 

"UNSW Built Environment has a great mix of industry professionals and academic staff," he says. "In fact, one of the best aspects of my degree has been interacting with leading architects. I had multiple opportunities to present my projects to award-winning architects – including a masterclass with Dang Quin of MAD, Beijing, as a part of the Master's final graduation project. Getting constructive feedback was such an incredible learning experience. 

Viswesh says that moving to Australia to pursue his postgraduate degree has been an enriching experience. 

"Moving to another country and experiencing another culture has brought a lot of new experiences and understanding in my life," he says. "Sydney has provided me with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. I like to do a lot of outdoor activities, and Sydney is the perfect place to do so. I have taken my scuba diving certification and go on dives whenever I can."  

"Initially, interacting and understanding people from diverse backgrounds can be a little challenging. However, Sydney is a very multicultural society and most people are very understanding and respectful and try to accommodate other’s views and ideas." 

He ranks winning the Margot and Neville Gruzman Award for Urban Design in Architecture among his highlights from his time at UNSW Built Environment. 

After graduating, Viswesh intends to put the knowledge and skills he has developed at UNSW Built Environment into practice.

"I am currently working part-time as a Student Architect at Fitzpatrick and Partners, and I want to stay in Sydney for a while and expand my knowledge and experience in the architecture field." 

His advice to high-school students is to focus on working hard first, and the results will take care of themselves. 

"I do see a lot of students think about job opportunities before choosing their university or degree. But my advice would be to choose a course they like at a good university and work really hard, and the opportunities will follow." 

The Master of Architecture at UNSW Built Environment offers a distinctive architectural education with 4 areas of specialisation: high-performance technology, housing, urban conditions and social agency. Find out more about the Master of Architecture degree. 


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