As 2019 ends I will be finishing up my third year with EngSoc (UNSW Engineering Society).


I first applied to be a EngSoc Marketing director at the end of first year – which I didn't get. I had done some digital media electives back in high school and wanted to apply those skills, which was why I had chosen the marketing portfolio. At the beginning of 2nd year I applied again, but for the marketing subcommittee and made it in, eventually becoming an executive. 

This year our team has run almost 40 events! We started off the year with O - week and opportunities to sign up for Peer Mentoring, Subcommittee and Program, and held our all years camp for students across all degrees. Alongside our annual ball and sports day we also held many new social events, from Pub Golf in Term one to Tipsy Paint a Pot and a massive Poker Night last month. There's been an Industrial Training High Tea, Speed Networking Night, case competitions and site visits. Our careers events continue to link students with industry and allow students to make connections and grow the confidence to pursue their goals.This year I was made Vice President marketing. I was responsible for coordinating our all media, marketing and merchandise throughout the year with my team of directors and subcommittee. One of the more unexpected things I've done for marketing include sitting a cold outdoor pool for an hour trying to acclimatize in order to shoot an underwater video, only to give up and reschedule because we truly could not bear to keeps our heads underwater. That happens quite a bit in marketing - as creatives our ideas don't always pan out as we expect, and many a time our ideas and designs get reworked. Over the past 3 years I have learnt many new technical skills and have been put in many situations which have challenged with leadership, teamwork and problem solving. Outside of Marketing I've helped run many of our other events and been a camp leader.

My journey with EngSoc has been a wild ride - one that was stressful and tiring, but one of the most formative and fulfilling experiences I've had at uni. Having a role in student society is weird kind of job because unlike your average uni job, there are no set hours or distinct rules. Everyone works within their own time yet somehow we make it work. I will remember those late nights, those moments of panic, and many last minute fixes. But the feeling of accomplishment and the relationships formed will trump all of that. Its super satisfying to see a huge crowd enjoying your event or spotting someone wear our merchandise outside of uni.

We've all found a passion and a love for what the society does and for the people we work with. You need to put in hard work, but there's also so much fun to be had. Societies and student lead organizations are a great way to get involved in university life, but are also useful experience for job applications and interviews.

Shout out to my EngSoc family past and present who've made it so worthwhile. I'll miss it all dearly but am looking forward to having much more spare time on my hands!