Scarlett Kong our PhD star, wins the Best Student Poster Award at the DMTC(link is external) Annual Conference & the Student’s Pitch Academic’s Choice Award from The 2019 ISAF-ICE-EMF-IWPM-PFM Joint Conference! Scarlet is a A/Prof John Daniels’s PhD student in Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW Sydney who received her Bachelors in both Chemical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering, with honours in 2017


Her project is aimed to improve our understanding of how crystallographic texturing influences the mechanical and piezoelectric properties of electromechanical transducer materials used in naval sonar. 


In the photos below, the people accompanying Scarlett are Dr Mark Hodge, CEO of DMTC Limited and Professor Nazanin Bassiri-Gharb, 2019 President of IEEE-UFFC, with Associate Professor John Daniels, Scarlett’s proud supervisor!

Scarlet Kong Award
Scarlet Kong Award 2