The awarded ARC grant's project title is "Advanced hard metals: microstructure-property-processing relationships". The aim of this project is to better understand the origins of the properties of tungsten-carbide cobalt based (WC-Co) hard metals and how these may be tuned via alloying and processing. 

A team of researchers from the University of Sydney (Professor Simon Ringer), UNSW and Ceratizit (Austria, Dr Christoph Czettl ) will guide the design and development of new WC-Co based hard metals, paying special attention to the structure and chemistry of the Co binder. Hard metals are used in industrial-scale turning, milling and drilling processes to cut other materials into finished parts with precise tolerance and surface finish. They are high-value tooling materials that underpin the manufacture of critical precision parts in a range of nationally strategic industry segments including aerospace, biomedical, construction, mining, oil & gas, post-processing of additively manufactured parts, and more. "I am thrilled to do research in a multi-university team with University of Sydney and Austria High Technologies Company contributing significant funding on top of the ARC" A/Prof Primig stated.

Congratulation and Thank you A/Prof Sophie Primig for the excellent research quality and impact that contribute toward UNSW Sydney is number one in Research in Australia!