Prof Chris Sorrell, Dr Pramod Koshy and Dr Judy Hart have been awarded $406K from ARC Grant and $300K from industry partner. The project title is New Ceramic: Fully Stabilised Monoclinic ZrO2.

The project is undertaken recently during the decade-long industrial funding from Vecor Australia Pty. Ltd.  The technology involves the discovery of an unprecedented form of zirconia, which is fully stabilised monoclinic zirconia.  The significance of this technology is that the product utilises waste and inexpensive raw materials while avoiding the universal transformation from the commonly produced partially stabilised tetragonal/cubic zirconia.  The product will have widespread uses in the chemical, refractory, and mining industries. Other team members is Prof. Mike Swain (University of Sydney).

Congratulation to Chris, Koshy and Judy! Thank you them for the excellent research quality and impact that contribute toward UNSW Sydney is number one in Research in Australia!