Health and Science

For media enquiries contact Lachlan Gilbert on 0404 192 367 or

  • Biosecurity expert Professor Raina MacIntyre, Kirby Institute at UNSW Medicine
  • Infection control expert Professor Mary-Louise McLaws, UNSW Medicine
  • Virologist Professor William Rawlinson, UNSW Medicine
  • Virologist Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid, UNSW Medicine
  • Virologist Professor Peter White, UNSW Science
  • Social Scientist Dr Holly Seale, UNSW Medicine, can discuss social/behavioural responses (such as social distancing, face masks, vaccinations, infection control) and strategies to promote acceptance/engagement.
  • Dr Adrienne Withall, UNSW Medicine, can discuss mental health and wellbeing in relation to ageing.
  • Epidemiologist Dr Abrar Chughtai, UNSW Medicine, can comment on prevention and control of COVID-19 through the use of masks and respirators.
  • Scientia Professor Greg Dore, Head of the Viral Hepatitis Clinical Research Program at the Kirby Institute at UNSW Medicine, can discuss testing and types of tests for COVID-19.
  • Professor Richard Buckland, UNSW Engineering, can discuss cybersecurity, the Australian Government's new contact tracing app and staying digitally connected.
  • Associate Professor of Food Microbiology Julian Cox, UNSW Engineering, can discuss safe food hygiene practices.


For media enquiries contact Ebony Stansfield on 0434904669 or

  • Economist Adjunct Professor Raja Junankar can comment on what returning to work may look like in the future following the National Cabinet meeting.
  • Banking and Finance Associate Professor James Doran can comment on the impact on finance, the sharemarket and investors.
  • Economics Professor Richard Holden can comment on the impact on the global economy.
  • Taxation and Business Law Professor Pamela Hanrahan can comment on the Australian Government’s business relief package, corporate law and capital markets law changes, and the impact on superannuation.
  • Economist Tim Harcourt is available to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on globalisation, technology, and job outsourcing.
  • Tech expert Dr Yenni Tim is available to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on cybersecurity.
  • Marketing expert Associate Professor Nitika Garg is available to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on consumer behaviour (e.g., panic buying).
  • Professor of Practice Jennie Granger from the School of Taxation and Business Law is available to discuss the taxation implications of working from home during the pandemic.

Centre for Social Impact social policy experts 

For media enquiries contact Nicola Hannigan on 0407 075 307 or

  • Dr Cobi Calyx can comment on disaster response and recovery, science communication and health promotion.
  • Associate Professor Gemma Carey can comment on disability and the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
  • Chris Hartley can comment on housing, homelessness and social housing policy.
  • Professor Kristy Muir can comment on disadvantage, poverty, social cohesion, homelessness and housing, government policy, wage subsidies, Universal Basic Income (UBI) and leadership.
  • Dr Megan Weier can comment on measuring social progress, wellbeing and access to pharmaceuticals.


For media enquiries contact Kay Harrison on 0402 602 722 or

  • Law Professor George Williams can discuss lockdowns and enforcing self-isolation.
  • Law Professor Graham Greenleaf can discuss the relevance of data privacy laws in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.
  • Family law expert Dr Noam Peleg can discuss the impact of COVID-19 on parenting arrangements.
  • Criminology Professor Eileen Baldry can discuss the NSW Government’s early conditional release of NSW prisoners to stop the virus spreading in prisons.
  • Data privacy expert Dr Katharine Kemp can discuss the legal aspects of the Australian Government's new mobile phone coronavirus tracking app.
  • Human rights expert Scientia Professor Louise Chappell can talk about human rights under COVID-19. Contact Gabrielle Dunlevy on 0423 972 801.
  • International law expert Professor Natalie Klein can discuss if China can be sued and Prime Minister Scott Morrison's push to give the WHO anti-pandemic inspection powers.
  • Professor Jane McAdam, Director of the Kaldor Centre for International Refugee Law, can discuss the impact on refugees, asylum seekers and other displaced people

Arts and Social Sciences

For media enquiries contact Kay Harrison on 0402 602 722 or

  • International and food security expert Dr Monika Barthwal-Datta can discuss panic buying and food security.
  • Global Health and Development Professor Anthony Zwi can comment on global health and policy responses.
  • Social policy and governance expert Associate Professor Bingqin Li can discuss social distancing and lockdowns.
  • Social policy expert Dr Natasha Cortis at the Social Policy Research Centre can comment on workers on temporary visas who currently don't qualify for the JobKeeper subsidy.
  • SHARP Professor Deborah Lupton from UNSW's Centre for Social Research in Health and Social Policy Research Centre can discuss people's use of digital healthcare services and their views on health data privacy.
  • Associate Professor Bruce Bradbury can discuss the need to increase the Newstart allowance, particularly after the jobseeker payment scheme has ended. 
  • Senior Lecturer in International Relations William Clapton is available to comment on Trump's decision to suspend funding to the World Health Organisation.

Built Environment

For media enquiries contact Kay Harrison on 0402 602 722 or

  • Rental housing and housing affordability expert Dr Chris Martin from UNSW City Futures Research Centre can discuss tenancy law and renters' rights.
  • Architecture Professor David Sanderson is available to discuss urban resilience.
  • Associate Professor Paul Osmond can discuss the importance of green spaces during COVID-19.