Dr Claudio Cazorla, Associate Professor Dewei Chu and Professor Tom Wu (pictured below) have been awarded over $300K from ARC Grant. The awarded project is High-performance metal oxide inks for printable memory arrays.

This program will be built upon solid collaboration between UNSW and Australian Advanced Materials Pty. Ltd in the field of data storage materials since 2015. The team have developed a programmable printed memory array which can be used as an “electronic key” for smart doors (see the following video: https://vimeo.com/386335109/5a8d162249(link is external) ). 

With the support of ARC Linkage program, the key outcome of this project will be a new type of printed devices with highly stable and reliable data storage functionalities through precise manipulation of interfacial architecture of oxide based resistive switching materials.

Congratulation to Claudio, Dewei and Tom! Thank you them for the excellent research quality and impact that contribute toward UNSW Sydney is number one in Research in Australia!