Thomas Britz

An article featuring Thomas Britz' favourite connections between maths and beauty was published in the UNSW Newsroom. 

Dr Britz reveals the aspects of maths that he finds the most beautiful in the piece, "The mystique of mathematics: 5 beautiful maths phenomena". 

“From a personal point of view, maths is just really fun to do. I’ve loved it ever since I was a little kid", says Dr Britz. 

“Sometimes, the beauty and enjoyment of maths is in the concepts, or in the results, or in the explanations. Other times, it’s the thought processes that make your mind turn in nice ways, the emotions that you get, or just working in the flow – like getting lost in a good book.”

 Dr Thomas Britz was also interviewed about the beauty of maths on ABC Radio Hobart (interview starts at 34:47).  

His article was also published by Cosmos Magazine, and was Tweeted by the The Mathematical Association of America.