The University Medal is one of the most distinguished awards based on an outstanding academic performance. In T3, 2019 we were thrilled to have 5 of our students:  Gajan Shivaramann, Keenan Burrough, Vicki Zhong, Alan Cen and Liam Stephenson receive a medal.

The University Medal in BE Materials Engineering awarded to Gajan Shivaramanan and Keenan Burrough.

"I feel very privileged and humbled to receive this year's University Medal and know its an achievement that would not have been possible without the hours of tutelage from both my thesis supervisor, Matsci lecturers and friends." Gajan Shivaramanan said. "Gajan is a self-motivated researcher with amazing vision and extra-hard-working attitude. It was an honour to work with him during his honour project. He has enough hunger and capability to achieving what he put his eye on and that will make him successful in all aspect of his life" Dr Farshid Pahlevani (Gajan's thesis's supervisor) stated.

"I’ve had an awesome time studying Materials Science at UNSW and I’d like to thank all the lecturers and lab supervisors that gave me such a rich experience at this school, in particular my thesis supervisor Dr. Pramod Koshy, as well as my close group of MatSci friends that made all the tough times worth it". Keenan Burrough stated.

The Universiy Medal in BE (Materials Engineering)/ BE (Bioedical Engineering) awarded to Vicki Zhong and Alan Cen.

“When I was six, I wanted to be an inventor.  By the time I was seven, I had learned that a machine capable of doing my maths homework for me had already been invented (it was called a calculator) – and so ended that career aspiration.  It’s a funny feeling receiving this medal some sixteen years later because I am reminded of the possibilities in life, if only I set my heart to it".

"I would not be where I am today without the support of lecturers, teachers, friends and family – especially my mum, who helped me understand that, in all that I do, the most important thing to achieve is the knowledge that I tried my best.  I am thankful to UNSW for giving me this honour and recognising my efforts, because I believe that I did really try my best"

"At age twenty-three, I want to be a student, someone who is always learning and growing – because that is such a privilege.”Vicki Zhong said.

Dr. Pramod Koshy (Keenan Burrough, Vicki Zhong and Alan Cen's thesis supervisor) said "I am very proud of Vicki, Alan, and Keenan for securing the University medals for their respective degrees (including being the first ever dual winners in the School).  This is a tremendous accolade that speaks volumes of their dedication and hard work throughout the years. 

Furthermore, they successfully produced high-quality Honours theses in spite of the complexity of topics and volumes of work involved. 

Additionally, they were part of an integral set of undergrads in our research group who were always reliable, responsible, keen to gain experience, and willing to assist others at all times.  It was undoubtedly a pleasure to teach and supervise them during their degrees.  I wish them all the best with their future career and endeavors."

"I am honoured to receive the award alongside my esteemed classmates. I am lucky to achieve what I have at UNSW and the opportunities I was provided with; creating lifelong friendships, establishing connections with lecturers and professors and travelling overseas on exchange programs all whilst gaining a quality education in a degree I was truly fascinated in. Receiving the university medal was just the cherry on top of my time at UNSW. Thank you to the Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering for this great privilege" Alan Cen stated.

The University Medal in BE (Materials Engineering)/ BE(Chemical Engineering) awarded to Liam Stephenson.

"Receiving the University Medal in Materials Engineering was quite frankly a surprise to me - when I started university I did not expect to be able to achieve it given the calibre of my colleagues.  I wholly attribute it to the fantastic teachers, supervisors, fellow students and support staff at UNSW and their contributions to making the university such a vigorous academic environment. It gives me the courage to continue to push for success in my future path".

"Thankyou to everyone at UNSW and the Materials Science Community - and good luck to future and current students!" Liam Stephenson stated. 

Congratulation to Gajan Shivaramanan, Keenan Burrough, Vicki Zhong, Alan Cen and Liam Stephenson for their well deserved University Medal Awards and thank you to their supervisors, lecturers and lab managers as well for their contributions to our scholl achivement in an educational excellence.