Susie Douglas
UNSW EAP member Susie Douglas has some great tips on perfecting a crouch start.

Whether you're interested in perfecting your cover drives, getting a quick start in your sprinting or nailing your rugby passing the UNSW sports club members and Elite Athlete Program (EAP) members have got some great tips to get you feeling confident and ready to jump back into training or give a new sport a shot.

Here we have compiled some of our favourites - make sure you follow Arc Sport UNSW on Facebook for the latest tips and tricks as they are posted.

Athletics - Crouch Starts with UNSW EAP Susie Douglas

Cricket - Cover Drives with UNSW EAP Carly Leeson

Netball - Passing and Shooting with Laura from UNSW Netball Club

Rugby - Passing with Arc Sport's Lucas Thiessen

Badminton - Serving with Claudia from UNSW Badminton Club