Yuwaya Ngarra-li has developed a new holistic model of youth diversion based on two years of community collaboration and learning since the launch of the Walgett Action Plan for Children and Young People.

Yuwaya Ngarra-li’s holistic Youth Diversion Demonstration Model is a multi-faceted approach that builds genuine pathways out of the criminal justice system, and responds to the needs and priorities of the Walgett Aboriginal community. The key elements of the model have been developed through our community collaboration processes led by the Dharriwaa Elders Group, as well as the evidence-base that comes from UNSW expertise.

The model includes a new Community and Youth Work Team, soon to be recruited from the community by the Dharriwaa Elders Group, and will deliver a program of culturally-connected activities, outreach and advocacy, including On Country trips for experiential learning with young people and Elders.