UNSW Engineering has launched the Master of Cyber Security to help develop professionals to fight the growing threat of cybercrime.

Delivered by UNSW Online, this program teaches key skills that help provide secure and trustworthy online experiences. And that is vitally important given that cybercrime is reported to cost businesses around $29bn a year, with Australians reporting cybersecurity incidents on average every 10 minutes.*

UNSW’s Master of Cyber Security also includes nested qualifications, a Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, which have been developed in collaboration with experts from UNSW Engineering and UNSW Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy – which together have the largest concentration of research and tertiary education in the field of cyber security in the Southern Hemisphere.

Students will gain a security engineering mindset to analyse current trends and anticipate the future of cybercrime, as well as gaining a deep understanding of the key concepts of the field and current controls that defend against cyber-attack.

This program will advise how organisations can handle data in secure ways, the emerging fundamentals of privacy, develop skills in bringing about effective change, and identify best practices for managing and responding to security risks in the rapidly changing global cyber environment.

Overall, the Master of Cyber Security will provide principles drawn from engineering, computer science, psychology, information systems, systems engineering, cryptography, network security and defence to enhance a career as a cyber security leader and specialist.

Program director Richard Buckland, professor in Computer Security, Cybercrime, and Cyberwar at UNSW, said: “Cyber attacks are on the rise. Consequently, there’s an increased demand for cyber security specialists to develop and oversee systems to provide trust and security for businesses and everyday Australians who rely on digital platforms.

“The industry is expected to almost triple in size by 2026 and require over 16,000 additional cyber security professionals in both technical and non-technical positions.”

Applications for the UNSW Master of Cyber Security are now open. For comprehensive program information, including course fees and starting dates download the Master of Cyber Security program guide.

* Agilient Security Consultant report 2019