On Wednesday 15 July 2020 some important changes were announced by Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW’s President and Vice-Chancellor.  

In brief, UNSW is moving to a new six faculty model which will provide a new direction for UNSW Built Environment.  

Noting we are a single-school faculty, the School of UNSW Built Environment will move into a larger, soon to be established faculty with the working title of Arts, Architecture and Design.  

Other schools joining this new faculty are the School of Art & Design, and the four Schools of the faculty of Arts & Social Sciences.  

We will be retaining our UNSW Built Environment identity, with all our programs, research centres and labs, under one roof as they are today. There will be new opportunities to work more closely with other like-minded schools and disciplines.  

UNSW Built Environment performs well in research and teaching, and this will continue to be our imperative. By bringing together the portfolio of built environment programs with design, creative arts and humanities in this new faculty we will provide a broader array of options and enhance our interdisciplinary offerings for students. Our staff too will have greater opportunities to interact with new colleagues and industry partners and collaborate through their research and teaching.   

UNSW Built Environment is at the forefront of cities research. The City Futures Research Centre (CFRC) and our research activities will continue in the new faculty.   

We value our Built Environment students, staff, alumni and partners and will continue to maintain our strong connections with our Built Environment community into the future.   

I will be working closely with the Dean of the new faculty, Professor Claire Annesley, in the coming weeks to develop a fresh, innovative faculty model that supports all our disciplines.   

All the best, 

Professor Helen Lochhead 
Dean UNSW Built Environment