If you’re looking for a leading university to study Engineering, there’s plenty of reasons why you should consider UNSW. UNSW Engineering is consistently ranked Australia’s leading engineering school, and one of the top 50 in the world. Our reputation is just one of the reasons our graduates are so employable, both in Australia and across the world. We focus on innovative teaching and hands-on real-world learning to shape our graduates into tomorrow’s leaders in engineering.

At UNSW, we know the decision of what to study, and where, is a big one. The university you study at can determine the type of engineer you become and where you’ll eventually work. Here’s five reasons why you should consider studying Engineering at UNSW.

1. Become More Employable

Studying at an internationally renowned university means your degree is respected and valued across the globe. Employers want to see you’ve studied at a university they can trust.

With 87% of our graduates finding full-time employment within four months and some of the highest starting salaries in Australia*, UNSW Engineering graduates can be found across leading industries – from global conglomerates to government and start-ups.

In today’s shifting workplace, graduates with a hybrid of skills are often the most sought after.  If you’re interested in combining Engineering with another area of study, there’s a wide range of double degree options. A double degree can help take your study to the next level, broaden your knowledge and increase your employability.

Take Angela for example. A Bachelor of Chemical Engineering and Bachelor of Commerce double degree student, she was passionate about starting her own business and finding a degree that pushed her out of her comfort zone.

Studying a double degree meant that she was able to combine two different areas of study to achieve her career goals, in less time than it would take to study two different degrees.

Angela Tandon - Bachelor of Chemical Engineering/ Bachelor of Commerce
















2. Learn From The Best

At UNSW Engineering you'll be taught by industry experts, those that are at the forefront of computer science, mining, biomedical and chemical engineering.

Our mission is to offer you the best engineering education based on our teaching excellence. Our academic staff come from all over the world, with successful industry collaborations globally.

You’ll also benefit from our Professors of Practice – industry leaders hired to provide you with hands-on learning experiences during your degree.

One of these Professors of Practice is Richard Hopkins, former Head of Operations for the world champion Red Bull Racing Formula One Team. Richard brings an abundance of experience, creating an environment where students can develop high-level management skills, practical and academic abilities and unparalleled links with industry.

“The goal is to instil the importance of teamwork and the importance of every individual and their role.” - R. Hopkins.





















 3. Seize Professional Development Opportunities

When it comes to securing a role, stand out through hands-on experience. We have a range of professional development opportunities for students who want to gain a competitive edge and graduate ready to hit the ground running.

UNSW Engineering’s unique ChallENG Program is focused on four exciting, real-world project-based learning initiatives:

  • Vertically Integrated Projects
  • The Maker Games
  • Student Projects
  • Social Impact

“In the ChallENG Program you can choose your own student led projects. One of the joys of being part of the UNSW Competitive Robotics Team was an opportunity to work in a team towards a much larger scale project. We worked on the idea that autonomous robots could fight fires and construct buildings. I enjoyed collaborating with passionate teammates and putting what I’d learnt in class into action.”

Henry Phung

Bachelor of Mechatronic Engineering / Bachelor of Computer Science

This program connects students, academics and industry, where you’ll develop the essential technical and professional skills to thrive in your future career.

We also provide our students with Industrial Training opportunities, recognising its importance in making our Engineering students work ready. All UNSW Engineering students are required to complete a minimum of 60 days of Industrial Training.

So, what is Industrial Training? Sometimes called internships or work placement opportunities, Industrial Training gives you the opportunity to put what you’ve learnt in-class to work in real-life situations.

You’ll get to work with other engineering professionals, develop your networks, and increase your technical, interpersonal and communication skills that employers are looking for.

Our students graduate with industry experience and are ready to hit the ground running.




















4. Join Like-minded Student Clubs & Societies

Discover how you can change the world by joining our Clubs and Societies. With over 300 at UNSW, there’s something for everyone. From the Dog Lovers society, to Robotics society, Underwater society, plus more!

As a UNSW Engineering student, you have access to over 20 dedicated Engineering societies including our flagship society, EngSoc as well as a society for each interest area within Engineering. We’ve also launched the Engiqueer society which aims to create equitable opportunities for Engineering students.

We’re committed to inspiring young women to pursue a career in Engineering. There’s the Women in Engineering Society and the Women In Engineering Program which support you personally, academically and professionally so you’ll emerge as a highly sought-after graduate.

“I attended the UNSW Women in Engineering camp and knew that Engineering was the perfect career path to combine my love of maths and science, whilst being able to make an impact on people's lives every day.” Brittney Monk - Bachelor of Civil Engineering




















5. Find Strength in numbers with our Alumni Community

Our distinguished alumni community reaches all corners of the globe. You’ll be joining UNSW Engineering’s cohort of talented professionals creating solutions to global challenges, constantly innovating to meet contemporary challenges.

From creating packaging made from banana plants (biodegradable ‘plastic’ bags) designed to solve industrial waste problems, to helping Australia become the world’s leading exporter of renewable energy by 2030 – our alumni carve out remarkable careers that affect real change in the world.

Looking for a forward-thinking education that drives innovation and embraces change?




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^Spears and Wealth Insights, 2016