Our seventh annual Postgraduate Conference took place on Wednesday 12 August, and for the first time was held as a fully online event. 

The conference, attended by a cross-section of School members, current students, alumni and UNSW staff, was hosted via Microsoft Teams. Students' video presentations were accessed according to a packed full-day schedule across different Teams Rooms, where attendees joined live Q&A sessions with the speakers.

Postgraduate Director Ian Doust facilitated speaker introductions in the main room at the commencement of each session. 

The event exhibited the dynamic and wide range of research that our postgraduate research students are currently working on, with 40 presentations across the day. 

The event culminated in prizes for the best talks, which were voted on by attendees in the categories of Applied Mathematics, Pure Mathematics and Statistics. 

The Best Talk recipient for Applied Maths was Michael Denes, a second-time winner of the prize, for his presentation "Agulhas Rings - A Relay Race". 


The winner for Statistics was Fiona Kim, for her talk "Evaluating the prevalence of unconscious bias in student evaluations of teaching using natural language processing techniques". 

For Pure Mathematics, the winner was Nero (Ziyu) Li, who delighted attendees with a piano introduction, for his talk "L-System on Graphs with Fractality". 

Haya Aldosari won the Contribution Prize for all of her brilliant contributions to the conference arrangements in the lead up and on the day.

Congratulations to our prize winners! 

A huge thanks to the other student members of the organising committee, Kevin Limanta and Zhuoshu Wu, for their invaluable efforts toward the event arrangements.

Pictured from top: PG Director Ian Doust introducing students Jeffrey Kwan and Guanting Liu; Michael Denes' presentation; Fiona Kim; Nero Li.